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product name

Disinfection spray


24 months

Executive standard


Production date and batch number

see bottle

Contact number

+86 532-85903595

Packing specification


Health permit

Lu Wei Xiao Zheng Zi (2020) No. 0677


Qingdao Shangfang Environmental   Technology Co., Ltd.

Production address

Qingdao, China


Litsea cubeba, pure plant extract

Non-toxic, no irritation, no sensitization

Effective sterilization rate 99.999%

Professionally kill the new crown flu virus


 Applicable places

Various places such as family daily life, transportation, office space, public kindergarten, school, nursing home and so on.

Surface disinfection

Children's toys, strollers, crawling mats, door handles, steering wheels, sanitary ware, floor dining tables, cooking utensils, air conditioning filters, mouse button phones, makeup brushes, etc.

Space disinfection

Room interior, car, refrigerator, add a humidifier to disinfect and remove odor

Fabric disinfection

Bedding mattresses, clothes and shoes, bath towels, pillows, sofa carpets, etc.

Skin disinfection

Disinfection of pets and their supplies


Spray evenly on objects or air, and air dry.

Steps for usage:

Before use, rinse your hands with clean water to remove dirt.

Spray 15cm from the approval, spray 3 times a day.

Spray to cover the entire hand to form a protective film, which still has an antibacterial effect after 8 hours.



Store in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children and sealed.

Avoid contact with objects such as copper and aluminum paint.

Do not mix with other disinfection and cleaning items

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